Pangea Bus

A medium speed electric bus for dense city environments

We designed the electric bus as an affordable mid speed vehicle for the developing world. The bus can carry 14-20 people, comes with an advanced diagnostic system, and requires minimum maintenance.

Simple + Local Assembly

The Pangea Bus is designed with less than 400 major parts, compared with over 2,500 parts for a typical gasoline engine vehicle. Pangea’s small bill of materials coupled with streamlined assembly processes enable us to deploy small local assembly factories. With our partners, we will be providing local jobs, supporting the local economy, and reducing shipping and logistics costs.

For fleet managers

Advanced telematics embedded in Pangea vehicles make it simpler, more efficient, and more cost-effective to run your bus fleet. Whether in the depot or on the move, our software platform tracks your fleet on its route and responds to vehicle diagnostics in real-time.

For drivers

For an enhanced driver experience, we’ve made sure you’re always connected to and in control of your vehicle. Our software gives you access to your vehicle dashboard so you can easily monitor vehicle performance, run fare ticketing, manage WiFi/Internet for your passengers, and manage digital advertising on your bus screens.

Bus Specification